What I love about Geeks.

When I saw that Liquid Silver was looking for stories with nerdy hero’s, I thought it would be incredibly fun to write something like that. I’m one of those people who loves Big Bang Theory and Chuck. You know those fabulous nerdy guys who are somewhat clueless.

Now the question is, is that sexy? Well honestly, not so much. LOL  Which is probably why my hero is quite a bit different from those guys, although, I guess there are a couple of similarities in there if you really look. But I admit I am just shallow enough to need my romantic hero’s to be in good shape as well.

But there is something incredibly sexy about a man with a brain.  To have a partner that you can have an intelligent discussion with about your interests, politics, world issues rather than what combo of beer and pizza is best. LOL. I’m sure we all know those men who look pretty but there’s not a lot going on upstairs. Are they fun? Sure. But when it comes time for a long-term enduring relationship, I think you’ll agree it’s nice to have a little more going on.

The other thing I love about the nerdy guy is that basic, sweet, sensitive side that they have. A nerdy guy isn’t the kind of guy who is usually looking for a one night stand, they want more. This is the guy who will stand by you through thick and thin, who will listen to you when you talk and value what you have to say. Sounds good doesn’t it?

But does dating a nerdy guy mean you have to sacrifice passion and heat in the bedroom? Absolutely not. When I was writing The Geek Next Door,  I wanted a guy who was able to put those brains to good use, be inventive and creative in the bedroom as well. I mean come on, a guy who can focus on a video game for hours on end can focus that attention on other things just as well if he’s properly motivated. LOL And that can make for all sorts of fun and games.

So what about you? Do you like a man with a brain? Is intelligence something you look for in a partner or a hero in a book? I’d love to hear what you think.

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