Sexy Christmas Ideas

With Christmas right around the corner I thought it might be fun to post some sexy Christmas ideas for your significant other. Here are a few suggestions I’d love to hear yours so fire away.

1  A quiet night with a picnic in front of the fire.

2. Lotion and a massage kit.

3. Guess he should have behaved better this year since it looks like he hit Santa’s Naughty List. That’s okay there’s something for him too. *grin*

4. Christmas condoms. I found these ones on Amazon.

5. A photo album and a coupon for a naughty photo shot.

6. A night in a hotel. There’s nothing like a night away from everything to get you in the mood.

7. A customized Christmas card or sexy holiday Calendar, featuring you.

8. A new fun toy to add to your collection.


9. Dress up as Santa or one one of his naughty elves.

10.   Or how about just put a bow around yourself.  What guy wouldn’t want that?


Alright there’s a few ideas to wet your appetite.


Have fun. Enjoy making your holiday memorable.

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