2 great reviews for Aged to Perfection

Aged to Perfection has received some fantastic reviews this week which I am incredibly thrilled about.

Whipped Cream reviews gave Aged to Perfection 5 cherries.

If you enjoy an older woman, younger man story, this one’s for you. Both Rachel and Mark are fun characters to read about and they’re very likeable too. You can feel their attraction from the first second they see one another. Sex scenes are hot and well placed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

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Aged to Perfection was also reviewed by one of my peers. It’ s always such a huge compliment when another author enjoys your book.

Aged to Perfection

by Lauren Fraser Reviewed by Lisabet Sarai

Forty year old Rachel is determined to change her life. On the day her divorce becomes final, she submits to a Brazilian wax job and meets the man of her dreams. Unfortunately, buff and gorgeous Mark is more than a decade younger than Rachel. However, when he makes it clear that he finds her attractive, she decides that she deserves a bit of fun. Neither expects the strong sexual and emotional connections they discover. When Mark brings their relationship out of the bedroom by introducing her to his friends, Rachel gets cold feet. She worries that she’ll be perceived as ridiculous and desperate or as a sexual predator by the younger man’s associates.

Aged to Perfection succeeds admirably in evoking the doubts and fears of an older woman. As a “woman of a certain age”myself, I strongly identified with Rachel, feeling both the thrill of her new relationship and the insecurities that haunt her –particularly her concerns about her sexual attractiveness. At her best, Rachel demonstrates emotional maturity and self-confidence. She’s not a pathetic divorcee trying to act young. Societal attitudes about age are a real barrier, though; Rachel understands this to a greater extent than young Mark.

This short book focuses primarily on the development of Rachel’s and Mark’s relationship, especially their sizzling sexual interactions. Mark is as outrageously virile as one would expect from a man his age, but also demonstrates sexual skill and consideration, a characteristic of someone older. Overall, Aged to Perfection is the perfect fantasy for those of us who worry that we’re too old for amorous adventures.

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