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Welcome to the Earth Day BLOG HOP! If you’ve just stumbled upon us or fell off the hop you can get back on at www.justromance.me.

For those of you who don’t know me I’m Lauren Fraser and I write  contemporary romances that tend to be on the steamy side of things so you’ve been warned. LOL As part of the general bloghop I’m giving away an ebook copy of Sex, Sin and Surf, you enter at the end of the hop, but I’ll also do a little giveaway  here as well for the commenters of my blog post specifically so be sure to comment for a chance to win your choice of a book from my backlist.

In our house we try to do our part for the environment. We recycle, compost, have our own garden and try to do most of the things we talked about last year in my earth day post. I admit I’m not quite as environmentally conscious as I should be in some areas but I figure every little bit helps right?  As my kids get older they point out more ways we should be doing our part which is why I recently had to buy a rain barrel. Hmm, somehow when it comes to them taking shorter showers their environmental conscience goes out the window. Go figure.  Good thing they compensate in other areas. LOL

This year to celebrate earth day my kids wanted to  participate in the “walk for water” so that’s what we’ll be doing. It seems like a great way to celebrate earth day. So what about you? Do you have plans to celebrate earth day? Do you do anything different in your house on that day to protect the environment? Or do you do your part year round?

Suggestions for Earth Day.
1. Plant a tree or garden.
2. Bike or walk to work instead of driving.
3. Shower with a friend to conserve energy.
4. Go for a walk and enjoy nature.
5. And what better way to wrap up earth day then relaxing with an environmentally friendly ebook. So to wet your appetite here’s a snippet from my latest release. Yielding for Him

Sometimes in order to have it all you have to be willing to risk everything.Self-made billionaire Donovan James works hard and plays harder. After all life is no fun without risks. But finding a woman who agrees has been more difficult than he’d ever imagined, until now.

Lisa Scott knows how to get what she wants and what she wants is a life with Van. They belong together and she’ll do whatever it takes to make him realize it. Including taking him up on his challenge to invite his best friend, Jason, into their bed for one night.

She’ll give him his fantasy and in return, hopefully, she’ll get hers.

Reader Advisory: This story has been previously released as part of the Sharing the Billionaire anthology by Total-E-Bound


Lisa glanced at the windows. She couldn’t believe they’d done that. How could they have had sex in his office for all the world to see? Even just thinking about it now made her insides squishy. Sex with Van was always amazing, but times like this, when he pushed past what she thought she wanted—those times? Those were freaking off the charts.

“Come here,” Van called.

Pulling her attention away from her thoughts and back to him, she walked towards his outstretched hand. When they touched, he pulled her down into his lap in his office chair.

She wrapped her arm around his shoulder and cuddled against his hard chest. “Van, that was… I don’t…” She paused. “I don’t understand how you know me so well, it’s like…” Unable to articulate her thoughts, she sighed.

Van brushed her hair off her face and looked down at her tenderly. “We want the same things, Lisa. You and I aren’t all that different. It’s nothing to be ashamed of that we like things a little kinkier than the average person. That’s why we’re so good together.”

Her heart stuttered—was he finally going to do it? They’d been a couple for almost a year now, longer than he’d ever been with anyone else. They’d talked about a future together but it seemed like he always hesitated about taking that next step.

She closed her eyes and sank into his hand against her cheek. There was no denying they were amazing together. And for now maybe that needed to be enough. What they had he wasn’t going to find with anyone else, of that she was sure. Eventually he’d realise it. She was a patient woman. She hadn’t got to where she was without being able to help people see her point of view.

“So, about Jason.” Van’s deep voice broke her out of her thoughts.

Heat raced across her cheeks. Mortified, she closed her eyes. God, she couldn’t believe she’d admitted she’d like to fuck him. Yeah, that was what every guy wanted to hear about his best friend. Maybe if she played it cool he’d just drop it. Pretend it didn’t happen. “What about him?”

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Guess you realized it wouldn’t be a blog post of mine without some eye candy right? LOL 

I’d love to hear your ideas for ways to protect the environment or if anyone is doing anything special for earth day let us know, I’m always looking for ideas.

Fan’s choice awards

Best Menage books

How cool, I just found out that Rode Hard has been nominated for a Fan’s Choice Award for best Western/Cowboy Menage and it’s also been nominated in the Erotica nominee category. Squee.  I’m very honored that my book was nominated.

Voting is open until February 28th and when you vote you get your name into a draw for some cool prizes. If you are so inclined I’d love to have you vote for Rode Hard, it’s in 2 categories – Western/Cowboy and Erotica Nominees.  Click on the icon below to get to the review site that is hosting the contest. I know I saw loads of great books in the various categories and some new to me authors which is great.

Best Menage Romance


Sexy Christmas Ideas

With Christmas right around the corner I thought it might be fun to post some sexy Christmas ideas for your significant other. Here are a few suggestions I’d love to hear yours so fire away.

1  A quiet night with a picnic in front of the fire.

2. Lotion and a massage kit.

3. Guess he should have behaved better this year since it looks like he hit Santa’s Naughty List. That’s okay there’s something for him too. *grin*

4. Christmas condoms. I found these ones on Amazon.

5. A photo album and a coupon for a naughty photo shot.

6. A night in a hotel. There’s nothing like a night away from everything to get you in the mood.

7. A customized Christmas card or sexy holiday Calendar, featuring you.

8. A new fun toy to add to your collection.


9. Dress up as Santa or one one of his naughty elves.

10.   Or how about just put a bow around yourself.  What guy wouldn’t want that?


Alright there’s a few ideas to wet your appetite.


Have fun. Enjoy making your holiday memorable.


I’m trying to decide on a cover for my re-release of Letting Go. Which one do you think I should go with?




I have a release date for Rode Hard- March 30th

Rode Hard will be available March 30th from Ellora’s Cave.  I thought I’d share the cover and blurb to wet your appetite.


Six weeks surrounded by hot, rugged cowboys doesn’t sound like hard work at all. In fact, Kat McCray is going to enjoy this assignment as a writer. One look at sexy ranch owner Justin Shaw and she knows exactly how she plans to spend her downtime. In his bed.

Justin works hard and has the body to prove it. And he plays even harder—him and his two best friends. He’s more than happy to help Kat explore her darkest fantasies…especially the ones that involve all four of them.

Kat’s walk on the wild side is only temporary—Arizona is a lifetime away from her real life in New York. But she can’t deny she’s starting to fall for Justin. He’s sexy as hell and sweet as sin. And their sexual experiences with his two best friends are nothing short of scorching. That doesn’t change the fact she’s going home at the end of her stay. Unless she can somehow turn this fantasy into reality.

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Friendly Seduction by Gillian Archer

My super amazing crit partner Gillian Archer has her first Ellora’s Cave release coming out today. It’s a fantastic friends to lovers menage story. Yum. Check it out.


Sara Banks is a virgin. Apparently that word can make a grown man run scared—at least that’s what her last boyfriend did. Now she’s on a mission to shed her good-girl persona and start living. But the best Helios, Arizona, has to offer pales in comparison to her best friends Rob and Marc. She’d love nothing more than to go home with them—either of them. If only they could see past their childhood friend to the woman she’s become.

Rob and Marc can’t believe their eyes when they enter the hottest bar in town and see tomboy Sara dressed to kill, doing the bump and grind on the dance floor. Once they learn she’s finally single, the hunt is on. Each is determined to prove he’s the only man Sara needs. But to get the girl of their dreams, the best plan of attack might just be a joint, friendly seduction.


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Undercover Attraction is available again

My first book Undercover Attraction was previously published by Freya’s Bower. I recently got the rights back on the book and I’ve self-published it. So  it is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Nobles and will soon be available everywhere else. It has a new cover but the name is the same. It’s a short story and is available for $0.99.


DEA agent Lyndsay Chase is dedicated to her job, even when that means going undercover in a seedy strip club that serves more than watered down drinks. To find the connection behind the quantities of drugs distributed through the club and the supplier, she needs information, not distractions that come in the form of a sexy bartender named Jim. He is the type of man who could distract even the best agent.
But there is more to Jim than meets the eye. As Lyndsay’s interests wobble between professional and flaming desire, Jim reveals a labyrinth of lies that revile her own, and somewhere in the middle is the passion neither can ignore.


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2011 CAPA Nominees Announced

Every year  The Romance Studio has their CAPA awards for excellence in romantic fiction.

I’m thrilled to say that Dani’s Duo was nominated in the contemporary category. I’m listed with some of my favorite authors so it is incredibly cool and I’m very honored.

Dani’s Duo 



 Attorney Danika James is ready to celebrate her greatest win to date, but not with a bunch of stodgy lawyers and martinis. Beneath Danika’s buttoned-up exterior lives a woman with wild-side desires she has yet to fully discover.


Tattoo artist Paddy O’Shea walks on society’s razor edge. When he learns his best friend, Cooper Hanes, has more than a casual interest in Danika, Paddy suggests a weekend celebration of exploration none of them will ever forget.


For the next forty-eight hours the men satisfy fantasies Dani didn’t even know she had. But every party has to end. Doesn’t it? Or can the courtroom diva turn Dani’s Duo into something as permanent as one of Paddy’s tattoos?


Ellora’s Cave




Barnes and Nobles


2011 CAPA Nominees
Contemporary romance

Send Her To Me by Ronna Gage (Siren-Bookstrand)
Colters’ Daughter by Maya Banks (Samhain Publishing)
Illusions by Sheryl Hames Torres (Sapphire Blue Publishing)
The Salisbury Key by Harper Fox (Samhain Publishing)
Yours to Keep by Shannon Stacey (Carina Press)
Adding Heat by Cris Anson (Ellora’s Cave)
Sunshine on Chrome by Lynne Connolly (Ellora’s Cave)
Dani’s Duo by Lauren Fraser (Ellora’s Cave)
Genetic Attraction by Tara Lain (Loose Id)
Southern Comfort by Mari Carr & Jayne Rylon (Samhain Publishing)
A Little Harmless Addiction by Melissa Schroeder (Samhain Publishing)
Deliberate Deceptions by Leah Braemel (Samhain Publishing)
Shelter Me by Michelle Cary (Loose Id)
Razor’s Edge by Jayne Rylon (Samhain Publishing)
Any Given Sunday by Mari Carr (Ellora’s Cave)
The Reluctant Nude by Meg Maguire (Samhain Publishing)
With this Kiss by Marianne Evans (The Wild Rose Press)
Bought for the Millionaire’s Bed by Jan Bowles (Siren-Bookstrand)
Rawhide and Roses by Maddie James (Turquoise Morning Press)
Secrets by Jan Scarbrough (Turquoise Morning Press)
Belong to Me by Shayla Black (Berkley Publishing)
Winter Fire by Jess Dee (Samhain Publishing)
The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton (Berkley Publishing)
Playing for Keeps by LuAnn McLane (Berkley Publishing)
The Chauffeur Wore an Evening Gown by Roni Adams (The Wild Rose Press)
Dance With Me by Heidi Cullinan (Loose Id)


You can see all the categories and nominees if you visit the site. http://www.theromancestudio.com/capa.php

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