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Valentine’s Day– Blog Hop

Welcome to the Valentine’s Blog Hop, if you’ve fallen off the bus just click on the picture above and you can get back on. Also if you are jumping on the tour midway if you click on the picture you can start at the beginning.

I’m Lauren Fraser and I write contemporary romance, I admit my books tend to be on the steamy side. *grin* Feel free to cruise on over to my bookshelf to see what’s available since one person will be winning their choice of a book from my backlist.

5 great Valentine’s Gifts

5. Champagne

4.  Now who doesn’t like sweets?

3. Sexy Underwear.

Probably not the kind of underwear you were thinking of, huh? What can I say I’d rather look at this kind. LOL

2. You can’t go wrong with flowers

1 Chocolate. Yes I know I have a picture with chocolate twice but come on, it is the number one Valentine’s gift for a reason.


5 worst Valentine gifts (thank goodness I’ve never been given one of these. LOL)

5. Two for one coupons for a restaurant

4. Plastic Flowers

3. Deodorant.  What happened to perfume? LOL

2. 3 month membership to weight watchers. Ouch.

1. Instead of lingerie your partner gives you control top panty hose or spanx.


Alright so that’s my list of best and worst presents. I’d love to hear what’s on your list.


My Valentine’s Gift to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day hope you enjoy.





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