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Release Day for Rode Hard

Today is release day for my new cowboy menage book Rode Hard, available from Ellora’s Cave


Six weeks surrounded by hot, rugged cowboys doesn’t sound like hard work at all. In fact, writer Kat McCray is going to enjoy this assignment. One look at sexy ranch owner Justin Shaw and she knows exactly how she plans to spend her downtime. In his bed.

Justin works hard and has the body to prove it. And he plays even harder—him and his two best friends. He’s more than happy to help Kat explore her darkest fantasies…especially the ones that involve all four of them.

Kat’s walk on the wild side is only temporary—Arizona is a lifetime away from her real life in New York. But she can’t deny she’s starting to fall for Justin. He’s sexy as hell and sweet as sin. And their sexual experiences with his two friends are nothing short of scorching. That doesn’t change the fact she’s going home at the end of her stay. Unless she can somehow turn this fantasy into reality.


Placing his hand at the small of her back, he led Kat off the dance floor and over toward the bar in the back corner. “What can I get you?”

“Just a beer would be good.”

“Really? I’m sure they have coolers or something if you’d prefer.”

Kat snorted. “No, beer’s good.”

“Sorry, I just totally offended you, didn’t I?”

“Little bit.” She laughed. “I work for a sports magazine, Justin. You can’t work in that environment and not be a beer drinker.”

“Fair enough. I’ll be right back.”

Pushing his way through the crowd, he leaned his arms on the bar to wait his turn. A hip bumped him, and he glanced over at the little brunette beside him.

“Hi, Justin.”

Crap, what was her name again? “Hey.”

“It’s Lisa,” she said, pointing to her chest.

“Lisa, right. How’s it going?” He looked back at the bartender, praying the man would come over soon.

“Much better now that I know you’re here.” She sidled up closer to him and brushed her breasts against his arm.

Where the hell was the bartender?

“You had a great ride today.” Lisa leaned her body weight into him and stumbled, forcing him to grab her hip to hold her upright.

“You want to buy me a drink?” she asked.

He glanced over his shoulder toward Kat. She stood watching him with a mocking smile. Damn.

He looked down at Lisa. She was hot enough. The kind of woman he normally took home from one of these things. Hell, he already had taken her home once. He shifted uncomfortably, even if he wasn’t hoping for things to happen with Kat he’d shoot Lisa down. He never did repeats with groupies. It always gave them the wrong impression and the last thing he wanted was someone dogging him everywhere he went.

“Sorry, Lisa, I’m with someone tonight.” He smiled to soften the blow.

She glanced over his shoulder toward Kat then ran her hand along his chest. “Well, if you change your mind come find me,” she purred.

He shook his head. Here he had this woman throwing herself at him and damn if the woman he really wanted wasn’t trying to brush him off. A normal guy would take the sure thing, but then he never had liked to do things the easy way.

After paying for the two beers, he wove his way through the crowd to where Kat stood waiting for him.

“Thanks for the beer. Is this where you tell me you got a better offer?” Kat nodded her head toward his right.


He followed her direction and saw Lisa standing with her hands on her hips. The other woman stood with her friends, all watching him as if he were the prize-winning cow at the state fair.

“Not interested.” He stepped closer to her. “If I’m going home with anyone tonight, sugar, it’s gonna be you.”

Kat took a sip of her beer. Her eyes kept flashing back to the group of women. “You sure? They seem pretty determined.”

He moved toward her and she stepped back. Crowding her until her back hit the wall, forcing her to stop. With the beer bottle in his hand, he placed his knuckles on either side of her head on the wall, hemming her in. Her eyes turned a smoky gray and she licked her lips.

“I can be pretty determined when I want to be too.”

“I can see that.” Her hand shook as she brought the bottle to her mouth and took a sip. He smiled. She looked around the room, pretending nonchalance, but was betrayed by a telltale tremor. It had been a long time since he’d met a woman who obviously wanted him but wasn’t ready to jump into bed right away.

“Looks like your friends are leaving,” she murmured.

Duncan and Kasey had a petite brunette sandwiched between them as they headed toward the exit.

“How come they’re both leaving when only one of them picked up a lady?” Her brow wrinkled with a cute frown.

Justin couldn’t help but laugh. He looked at Kat and raised one eyebrow in question.

She gasped. “Seriously, they’re both going to sleep with her?”

“I don’t imagine there’ll be much sleeping, darlin’.” He chuckled.

Kat blushed as she continued to stare at the three people weaving their way outside. “Do they do that a lot?”

He shrugged. “Guess it depends on your definition of a lot.”

“Wow. I thought that kind of thing only happened with strippers and porn stars.”

Justin burst out laughing. “Umm, nope.”

Her mouth dropped open. “Do you have them too?”

He laughed at her shocked tone and tried to cover it with a cough. “Umm…well, I’ve been known to have tried it a time or two.”

“Seriously?” Her eyes widened.

It really wasn’t as big a deal as she was making it out to be. He shrugged.

“Wow, umm…so is it everything I’ve heard it is?” Her face flushed again but her breath hitched as she waited for his answer. Seemed his little house guest had a bit of a hidden wild side. She might not be an easy lay but she definitely would be worth the effort.

He leaned down to whisper in her ear. “With the right people it can be hotter than hell. Is that something you want to explore while you’re here, city girl?”

She gasped. “Umm, yeah, no, I’m uh…” she stammered.

Justin laughed. “If you change your mind just let me know.” He nipped her ear and she groaned. “But for tonight I want you all to myself. I’ve got some fantasies of my own brewing about you.”

“Is that right?”

“Oh honey, that’s definitely right.” He ran his tongue along the shell of her ear then sucked the lobe inside his mouth and flicked it, playing with her dangling earring with his tongue. Kat’s head dropped back against the wall and her eyes closed.

He nipped the soft little spot behind her ear and she moaned.

Kat gripped the front of his shirt with her hand. “All right, cowboy, you win. Let’s get out of here,” she said, pushing him backward and propelling herself off the wall.

“Finally,” he growled.

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Six Sentence Sunday-August 28th

Too Hot by Lauren Fraser, erotic contemporary romance, sexy fireman Welcome to another day of Six Sentence Sunday. This weeks six is from Too Hot.


Her gaze landed on the patch of skin peeking through his jacket. Okay maybe she couldn’t be professional but she could fake it.

“So how do you want me?”

Umm, naked in my bed. Heat rushed across her cheeks at the errant thought. So much for being professional.


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Too Hot is up on the coming soon page

Too Hot is officially up on the coming soon page at Ellora’s Cave with a release date of August 17th. Wahoo!! As soon as I have cover art I’ll post it so you can check it out. I can’t wait to see it since the hero in Too Hot is a sexy firefighter. Yum

But to tide you over until then here’s the blurb.


When it comes to her career, Josie Sharp sees things with perfect clarity, but her love life? Well, that’s completely out of focus. Coming off a rough break-up, she’s insecure and hesitant about men, especially ones as sexy as firefighter Marco Patelli. Although she may be wary of his intentions, she’d have to be a fool to pass up the chance to be with a man like him. And foolishness is not in her genes.

Josie is nothing like the women Marco normally goes for, but something about the shy photographer’s vulnerability calls to his dominant side. As he helps Josie explore her sexuality, Marco realizes there is so much more to Josie than meets the eye.

But when lies and insecurities collide, Marco is going to have to fight to prove to Josie that what they have goes so much deeper than sex.


Coming August 17th

Release day for Dani’s Duo

Today is release day for Dani’s Duo.  If you’re looking for a steamy menage to get you through the weekend, you should definitely check it out. *grin*. Check out the excerpt below for a little sample to wet your appetite.

piercings and tattoos


Attorney Danika James is ready to celebrate her greatest win to date, but not with a bunch of stodgy lawyers and martinis. Beneath Danika’s buttoned-up exterior lives a woman with wild-side desires she has yet to fully discover.

Tattoo artist Paddy O’Shea walks on society’s razor edge. When he learns his best friend, Cooper Hanes, has more than a casual interest in Danika, Paddy suggests a weekend celebration of exploration none of them will ever forget.

For the next forty-eight hours the men satisfy fantasies Dani didn’t even know she had. But every party has to end. Doesn’t it? Or can the courtroom diva turn Dani’s Duo into something as permanent as one of Paddy’s tattoos?



Paddy’s hands closed around her shoulders and kneaded the tension in her neck. “Relax, this is supposed to be fun,” he whispered in her ear.

She took a deep breath. “Right, fun.”

He laughed. “Come on, party animal, let’s get you a drink.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, Dani smiled. “That obvious, hey?”

“Yeah, you could say that. Look, Dani. If you don’t want to do this we don’t have to. It’s totally cool. This is your show.”

Cooper flipped on the kitchen light. “Wine? Beer? What would you like?”

“Beer’s good.”

He pulled a bottle out of the fridge, twisted off the cap and handed it to her. “Paddy’s right. If you aren’t into this we can just hang out.”

She took a sip of her beer, more for something to do with her hands than anything else. “It’s not that I’m not into it. I mean, look at you two. I’d have to be insane not to be interested.” She wrinkled her nose. “I’m just nervous. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Paddy stepped closer to her and took the beer from her hand. “Then maybe what you need is for us to distract you so that lawyerly brain of yours isn’t thinking.”

He set the beer on the counter behind him and pulled her up against his body. His hand threaded into her hair and he drew her face toward him. The first touch of his lips against hers sent every other thought from her mind. As the kiss deepened, she felt Cooper come up behind her. He brushed the hair from her neck and followed the path of his fingers with his mouth. His tongue glided up the back of her neck to her ear. Holy hell. Hot potent male surrounded her. Moisture pooled in her core, her nipples beaded and her new piercing pulled tightly, sending a delicious shiver of pain through her body.

A hand cupped her breast, she couldn’t tell if it was Cooper or Paddy and it didn’t matter in the least. Breaking the kiss, she turned her head to Cooper, needing to taste his lips.

Cooper’s mouth was softer, less demanding than Paddy’s but that didn’t make it any less panty searing. Holy shit, these guys could kiss.

Hands caressed her waist and slowly eased her shirt up her body. She moved back from Cooper to allow her shirt to be pulled over her head.

“Jesus,” Paddy said reverently.

The heat in Paddy’s eyes made her stomach quiver. She couldn’t ever remember a man looking at her like that.

He traced the edge of her bra. The contrast of his large, masculine hands against the purple lace made her feel so incredibly feminine. She arched her back, silently urging his touch.

“I think she needs a little more than that,” Cooper said.

“Yeah, I’ll get there. It’s just, shit…” Paddy shook his head, raised his eyes and grinned at her. “Fuck, I’m going to enjoy this.”


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Dani’s Duo is up on the coming soon page at Ellora’s Cave

My new steamy menage book Dani’s Duo is officially up on the coming soon page at Ellora’s Cave, that means it will be available April 22nd. Wahoo. It’s coming quick.

I figured I’d give you a little sneak peak at it in case you were interested.


By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

An Excerpt From: DANI’S DUO

Copyright © LAUREN FRASER, 2011

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

“So how long have you known Coop?”

“About two years I guess. I wouldn’t say we really know each other. We see each other around at work, but I don’t think he’s ever said more than about ten words to me at one time.”

Paddy laughed. “Yeah, Coop’s kind of the strong, silent type.”

“That’s putting it mildly,” Dani snorted.

“So you interested in something happening between you two?”

His question brought her up short. She would have sworn he was interested in her and yet here he was asking her about dating his friend. Man, she really sucked at reading guys.

“What?” he asked.

Dani looked back at him, puzzled. What did he mean, what?

“How come you stopped dancing?”

“Oh sorry, no reason.” She forced her feet to shuffle to the music. Paddy’s arms wrapped around her waist.

“You not interested in Coop?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think he’s all that interested in me. I mean, come on. He’s had two years to make a move. I think strong, silent type or not, he’d have acted by now.”

“Maybe not. I mean, he’d have to be crazy not to be interested in you.”

She straightened with the compliment. Raising her eyes to meet his, she smiled. “I wouldn’t go that far. I mean, you aren’t interested.”

His body tightened against her and his nostrils flared. “What makes you say that?”

“Oh I don’t know, call it intuition. If you were interested, I don’t think we’d be talking about Cooper.”

“Like I said, a guy would have to be an idiot not to be interested.”

Dani ran her hand up the front of his chest, enjoying the feel of his muscled pecs beneath her fingers. “And you aren’t an idiot?”

“Smart as they come,” he said with a grin.

She wrapped her arms around his neck. “Good to know. So then how come if you’re interested you keep asking me about Cooper?”

“Just trying to figure out who all the players are.”

“What’s that mean?”

“I’m just curious if you are interested in both of us or just me.”

“And if I said I was interested in both of you?” she asked, allowing her body to brush against his as they swayed to the music.

“That works too.”

“So have you two both dated the same woman before?”

“Dated? No. But we’ve uh, well, both enjoyed the company of the same woman.”

“You mean like sex?”

Paddy laughed. “Yeah, I mean like sex.”

Her mouth dropped open. “Wow. I don’t even know what to say about that.”

“What do you mean? The idea doesn’t appeal to you just a little bit?” He leaned in closer. His hot breath caressed her ear. “You don’t think the idea of two guys completely focused on you, touching you, caressing you, pleasuring you is appealing?”

An arrow of raw lust shot straight through her, drenching her panties in its wake. “Uh well…um…” she stammered.

He pulled her tighter against him and she could feel his erection against her stomach. Fuck yeah, it was appealing.

“Come on, where’s that girl who I pierced tonight? The one who’s a little bit wild and daring. The one who gets turned-on by the excitement of doing something that goes against convention.”

She shivered beneath his breath. How the hell could someone she just met see inside her head so clearly? “She’s thinking about her day job.”

“What the hell does that have to do with anything?”

“Come on, Paddy. I’ll see Coop at work, it’ll be weird.”

Paddy snorted. “Right, ’cause you guys are so tight right now. Besides, Coop’s a big boy, he’s not some locker room jock who’s going to blab all over the place about what you did. He’s certainly man enough not to need to kiss and tell.”

She glanced around. Cooper and Tina were no longer dancing. Cooper sat at the table alone, drinking his beer. His hungry gaze followed them across the dance floor. Oh my. “Are you sure he’d even be into something like this?”

“He’s alive, right?”

Dani laughed. “Yes, he’s alive.”

“Then yeah, I’m sure he’ll want to, but hell, don’t take my word for it. Ask him yourself.”

She eyed Cooper again. Would he be into it? And if he was, could she do this? Her mind told her she was an idiot to even consider it but her body was screaming at her to be wild and daring. Paddy was right. Her lawyer persona hid a woman who craved excitement and adrenaline rushes. She’d never managed to find a man who could handle what she wanted sexually. But she had no doubts Paddy was up for the challenge and Cooper, he called to her on a completely different level.

“Let us help you celebrate your victory in a way you’ll never forget.”

She gulped. Shit, was she really considering this? One look at Paddy’s face and she was done. Yep, she was definitely considering this. She nodded. “Okay, let’s see if Coop wants to celebrate.”

The slow, carnal smile that spread across Paddy’s face promised her a night she’d never forget. “Oh, darlin’, he’ll want to blow the roof off this celebration.”

Taking a deep breath, she turned toward the table, Paddy’s hand pressed against the small of her back. His fingers teasingly rubbed her skin. Damn, she was already a pile of mush and they hadn’t even gotten started.

“So, Coop, Dani and I were thinking it would be fun to head back to our place to celebrate her victory today.”

Cooper glanced between the two of them, his nostrils flared and his eyes roamed over Dani’s body, eliciting a loud laugh from Paddy. “See, what’d I tell you?” he asked her.

Cooper narrowed his eyes at them. “What did you tell her?”

“I promised her we’d give her a night to remember,” Paddy chimed in.

With a look at Paddy, a smile spread across Cooper’s face. He stood from the table and stepped toward them. “Is that what you want, Danika? You want us both to help you celebrate?”

Unable to speak, she just nodded.

“All right then, let’s get out of here.”


Available  April 22nd

Please welcome author Cat Grant.

Today on my blog, I’m chatting with fellow Ellora’s Cave author, Cat Grant.  She’s celebrating the release of her latest book from Ellora’s Cave and giving us a little sneak peak. It promises to be a fantastic book.

Hi Cat, thanks for joining us today. So tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a lifelong lover of romance novels, so it’s the biggest kick ever that I actually get to write them for a living. Every day when I sit down at my computer, it feels like playtime. I’m the luckiest person in the world.

Your latest book came out on December 15th so tell us all about your new release and where we can buy it.

If you’ve read my first Ellora’s Cave title, THE FIRST REAL THING, you’ve already met Mike and Ryan, my mismatched heroes in APPEARING NIGHTLY. Mike’s a drag queen, and Ryan’s the sweet young thing he’s got an awful crush on. But Ryan’s been hurt in the past, and he needs the love of a good man to help him get over it.

That sounds fantastic. I can’t wait to see how Mike convinces Ryan to take a chance. How did you come up with the idea?

This was a case where I didn’t have to go looking for my next project. Mike’s one of those characters who jumps right off the page. As soon as I finished THE FIRST REAL THING, I knew I had to write his story next.

Is there a message in your book that you want the reader to grasp?

I hate clubbing people over the head with messages. But if this book has one, it’s all about the healing power of love.

As an author do you find yourself drawn to a certain type of hero? What kind of heroes do you like to write about? Continue reading

Warming up on those cold winter nights

My new book from Ellora’s Cave Sex, Sin and Surf. released on Friday.

*If you stumbled upon this tour by accident, go to  http://booknibbles.com/bloghop/ to start at the beginning

To celebrate the fact that we share a release date, fellow Ellora’s Cave author, Paige Tyler and I have teamed up to offer a contest this weekend on each of our blogs. To be eligible to win you need to comment on both sites, but we are each drawing a name, so you get two chances to win.  The winner will receive a copy of the readers choice of an ebook from my  backlist and a copy of Erotic Exposure from Paige, so you’ll win two books. Wahoo!

Since my new book is about a hot holiday fling on the beach and I am deep in winter over here it seemed like a great time to post some pictures to get you in the mood to read about hot, steamy nights.

Now that you are inspired to think about playing on the beach.


Holidays are all about relaxation. And what better way to relax than with a hot holiday fling?

On vacation in Mexico with her two best friends, forty-one-year-old Celeste Kopp vows to break out of her middle-aged rut and live life to the fullest. Taking surf lessons is on the top of her to do list. However, when she meets sexy surf instructor Ben, the idea of a holiday fling with a younger man becomes the only thing on her list.

Ben is more than willing to live out Celeste’s fantasies as well as a few of his own. But their holiday romance turns out to be more than either of them bargained for when the connection between them deepens. Being with Celeste forces Ben to deal with his own baggage in a way he never expected.

As the vacation draws to a close, Celeste realizes she wants so much more from Ben than a holiday fling, but can she convince him that their future together is worth the risk?

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Now thinking about holidays and relaxing. Where is your dream destination?  Tell me where you’ve always wanted to go.

Then head on over to Paige Tyler’s blog and post there as well to be entered into both of our contests. Winner will be chosen Monday morning for my blog. Paige is one of the authors on the tourbus so just stay on the tour and you will land on her stop.

Now if you’ve fallen off the bus you can jump back on by visiting. http://booknibbles.com/blogtour/

If you haven’t checked out the passionatereads blog you’ll definitely want to do that. We are doing daily prizes and one lucky person will win their choice of a Nook or a Kindle for Christmas. You don’t want to miss out on that.  To go to Passionate Read click here.

Welcome Paige Tyler, author of Dead Sexy

I’m thrilled to have Paige Tyler as a guest on my blog today. She’s talking about her new book, Dead Sexy, that releases on Friday  from Ellora’s Cave, and since Paige and I share a release date we are doing a fun contest this weekend on both of our blogs so you will definitely want to check it out.

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Once Upon A Kiss by Kate Willoughby

Once Upon A Kiss by Kate Willoughby

Livvy thought she lost her chance for a Happily Ever After when she dismissed the wish fairy who knocked on her door, so when a prime specimen of masculinity appears on her front lawn one stormy night, she can’t quite believe it. Like a prince in distress, he needs her kiss to bring him out of his enchanted sleep.

After a war injury left him paralyzed, Joe Kimball never expected to walk again, but when he regains the use of his legs thanks to his sexy neighbor, he can’t argue when she insists the credit belongs to a wish fairy. Nor does he want to. Arguing is the last thing on his mind now that he is a whole man again.

Unfortunately, a few days of hot sex do not a fairy tale ending make, and as the magic becomes increasingly volatile, Joe and Livvy realize there’s more at stake than just their happiness.

Buy Link:http://www.jasminejade.com/m-257-kate-willoughby.aspx

The Romance Studio Review

The Romance studio just reviewed Longing for Kayla and gave it 5 hearts.


“You will want to read this story many times as I did before writing this review. Enjoy!”

To read the full review click here.

5 hearts Romance Studio

Smaller size

Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

The Romance Review Top Pick

Night Owl Reviews Top Pick


5 Cherries from WC Reviews