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Undercover Attraction is available again

My first book Undercover Attraction was previously published by Freya’s Bower. I recently got the rights back on the book and I’ve self-published it. So  it is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Nobles and will soon be available everywhere else. It has a new cover but the name is the same. It’s a short story and is available for $0.99.


DEA agent Lyndsay Chase is dedicated to her job, even when that means going undercover in a seedy strip club that serves more than watered down drinks. To find the connection behind the quantities of drugs distributed through the club and the supplier, she needs information, not distractions that come in the form of a sexy bartender named Jim. He is the type of man who could distract even the best agent.
But there is more to Jim than meets the eye. As Lyndsay’s interests wobble between professional and flaming desire, Jim reveals a labyrinth of lies that revile her own, and somewhere in the middle is the passion neither can ignore.


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