Hump Day Hottie

Hump Day Hotties – December 21st

Ho Ho Ho.

Since Christmas is only a couple days away I’d thought I should do a festive hump day hotties to kick off the holidays.



And I found this little holiday video on Youtube.  Yowza. Enjoy

Hump Day Hotties – November 16th

I haven’t done a hump day hottie in a little while and I couldn’t decide if I should focus on…

The Arms

The Abs

or The Ass


They’re all so good. How’s a girl to decide?


Hump Day Hotties- August

Holy cow I can’t believe there’s only 2 weeks left of summer holidays for us. As usual it has flown by.  Since last week was all about the sexy butts this week I thought it should be all about the rock hard abs. Mmmm.

Hot man's 6 pack abs

Day-um those are some nice abs.

sexy male stomach,

Holy cow, there’s six packs and then there’s six packs. Wowza!

rippled abs, muscles, rock hard abs

Do I need to even say anything, really?


Happy hump day. Hope you enjoyed the six packs, I’m off to do some sit-ups. LOL

Hump Day Hotties

Hmm what am I in the mood to look at today. Well since I’m always in the mood to look at some nice abs lets go with those. *grin*




Day-um those boys must have one heck of an ab routine. I know I appreciate all their hard work. *grin*


Happy Hump Day!

Hump Day Hotties

Well I wouldn’t want you to think I was all about the body, so today’s Hump Day hotties are all about the face, granted the rest of the package looks pretty good too. *grin*



Well there you have it. Hope it brightened your Hump Day.

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