Undercover Attraction

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DEA agent Lyndsay Chase is dedicated to her job, even when that means going undercover in a seedy strip club that serves more than watered down drinks. To find the connection behind the quantities of drugs distributed through the club and the supplier, she needs information, not distractions that come in the form of a sexy bartender named Jim. He is the type of man who could distract even the best agent.

But there is more to Jim than meets the eye. As Lyndsay’s interests wobble between professional and flaming desire, Jim reveals a labyrinth of lies that revile her own, and somewhere in the middle is the passion neither can ignore.

*Note: This book was previously published by Freya’s Bower.( Same Title different cover.)It has been re-released and is available for $0.99


“an action packed story with great characterization… Pick this one up for a quick entertaining read.”

4 by Silvermage, Night Owl Reviews
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At the sound of the office door opening, she jumped back. Her hand immediately sought out her weapon, coming up empty. “Shit.”

She turned slowly towards the doorway. Her mouth dropped open when she saw Jim standing there. His hazel eyes, dark and dangerous, took in the contents of the secret room behind her.

“Close it quickly, before Tony comes back to his office,” he commanded.

Lyndsay shut the door, checking to make sure she’d secured it. She hurried across the office towards the door.

Jim grabbed her arm as she tried to slide past. “What the hell do you think you are playing at in here, lady?” he growled.

Lyndsay tried to shrug off his hold on her arm, glaring at him when he refused to let go.

“Do you have any idea how dangerous a man like Tony is?” He backed her up against the wall. The pressure of his body against hers caused her nipples to tighten and her breath hitched. He ran his finger up her arm, his thumb rubbing the tender flesh he had recently grabbed. “What were you thinking snooping around in here?”

“This doesn’t concern you,” Lyndsay told him, trying to brush off the sensual haze her body seemed to be in whenever Jim was near.

“The hell it doesn’t. Do you have any idea what Tony would do if he caught you in here?”

“I can handle myself,” she said, pushing against his chest.

Jim didn’t budge. “Bullshit, you can’t even get me to back off and I’m not trying to hurt you like Tony would be.”

His gaze trailed down her body resting on the curve of her breasts. Her nipples tightened in response. He shifted his weight putting his erection in closer contact with her. With only the thin layer of panties, she may as well have been naked. His penis twitched behind his jeans. Wetness pooled in her underwear.

She had wanted to feel him for weeks. Pushing her hips out, she rubbed against him, enjoying the feel of his rough jeans against her inner thighs. The hard pressure of his erection hit her exactly where she wanted it. She tilted her head back against the wall biting back a groan.

“Fuck it,” he growled. He shoved her bra down exposing her breasts, moments before his mouth closed around her erect nipple.



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