The Geek Next Door

geek, friends to lovers, eroticaThe Geek Next Door 


When the woman of your dreams only sees you as her geeky neighbor, sometimes you have to go to extremes.

Computer nerd, Dylan Crane has been in love with Erin since she moved next door two years ago. Unfortunately, she’s never seen him as anything other than her best friend–until one afternoon when her world flips upside down and everything changes.

Erin Sharp learns firsthand just how sexy a man with a brain can be. She already loved Dylan, her friend, but as their relationship evolves, she wonders if she could finally have it all.

When her career ambitions get in the way of their relationship, Erin has to decide what matters most to her – getting the job she always wanted, or the man she needs and desires.


The Romance Review The Romance Reviews - One of the best friends to lovers stories I’ve ever read! Lauren Fraser is a great storyteller in the way she could draw me in with her writing, and I’m definitely checking out her other books.

4.5 teacups from Happily Ever After Reviews- I loved Dylan. Really, in a romance, you want to love the hero, and I did. I completely loved him.

The Romance Readers Connection -This is a short story, but packs a lot into a small space.  Well written, the characters are very “real” and fun to follow.  I have a soft spot for the geeky side myself, so this story was perfect for a quick pick me up.  Enjoy!

Sensual Ride Reviews The story was beautifully written, told by both Erin and Dylan’s point of view which I liked. I didn’t like, I loved Dylan. The man was a quiet Alpha, taking control when need be and stepping up when most men would have left.


Man, I am pathetic.

Dylan Crane pushed his Buddy Holly glasses up his nose, took a sip of his beer and turned away from the window. The last thing he needed to do was watch his neighbor leaving for another date. In the two years he had lived in the townhouse complex, Erin hadn’t noticed him as a man. He was the geeky neighbor. The guy who watered her plants and fed her cat. Not the object of her lust.
The purring of a sports car pulling away from the curb let Dylan know that Erin and her date had left for the evening. A typical Saturday night, Erin was out on a date with a poster boy for up– and he sat at home with his Star Trek reruns. How had he let things come to this?
He had plenty of money and he was a reasonably good-looking guy, or so he’d been told. He could get a date. The problem was the more time he spent with Erin as friends, the more he wanted her to be his alone. Other women just didn’t hold the same appeal. The idea of suffering through a mind numbing date just to say he did seemed ridiculous.
The steady clicking of the clock on the mantel mocked him with its constant reminder of how long Erin had been on her date. What was she doing? Was the suit enjoying her curves in that sinful dress?
Dylan growled. God, I need to get a life. Slipping his feet into his sneakers, he grabbed his ID and house key. A nice long run ought to take his mind off Erin and her date. He slammed the door shut behind him.
His feet pounded on the pavement. The heat from the Las Vegas desert instantly made him sweat. In minutes his shirt would be soaked. For the first couple of miles thoughts of Erin plagued him, but by mile three his mind emptied and he hit the zone. An hour later, he rounded the corner of his block, tired, relaxed and feeling completely less pathetic. Until he saw Erin slamming the door of the BMW roadster she had left in only a couple of hours ago. Her date scrambled out of the car and chased her up the walkway. Dylan pushed himself harder, racing to get to his house. When he reached the driveway, he could hear their conversation.
“I told you to leave,” Erin told her date.
“Come on, you know you were sending out the vibe.”
“Yeah, ’cause I’m just stupid enough to think a five star meal is worth a roll in your bed.” She placed her hands on her hips, outlining her curvy body in the spectacular blue dress. “I’m worth a hell of a lot more than that.”
The smarmy suit stepped toward her, his jaw clenched. Anger emanated off his body.
“Hey, Erin,” Dylan called, making his presence known. She visibly relaxed when she saw him and a fist clenched in his chest. She was magnificent, strong and confident.
“Hi Dyl. My date was just leaving.”
“Whatever.” The suit waved his hand in the air and turned on his heel to storm back to his fancy car.
Dylan didn’t take his eyes off the man until his car peeled away from the curb. With the loser gone, he turned his attention back to Erin. “Looks like your date went well.”
“Yeah, it was a real hit. I should know better than to date an investment banker. In my experience, they’re all about the bottom line.” She shook her head sadly. “I don’t know why guys think just because they paid a lot for your date, you owe them payment.”
“Not all guys think like that, Erin. Maybe you’re dating the wrong kind of guys.”
She didn’t answer then raised her head to look at him. “How was your run?”
He looked down at his soaked gray T-shirt. “It was good, but I need to hit the shower.” He moved to walk past her but the sadness on her face pulled him up short. “Look, why don’t you change into something more comfortable and come upstairs for a movie? I’ll leave the door unlocked while I jump in the shower.”
Her eyes widened hopefully. “I won’t be interfering with your plans?”
“Nah. You know me. The life of a computer guy, it’s action packed.”
She laughed. “If you’re sure?”
“Of course. But bring some microwave popcorn, since I think we ate the last of mine after your last dating disaster.”
She touched her hand against his damp T-shirt, and he was surprised steam didn’t fly off it. “Thanks Dyl. You’re a great friend. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
Right, friend. Story of his life. He certainly didn’t feel like her “friend” with her warm touch on his body. He clenched his stomach muscles, praying she’d finally notice him. Her hand rubbed against him and a surge of hope shot through his body. Finally.
“No problem.”
She dropped her hand from his stomach. Damn, he really wished she’d kept it there.
“See you upstairs.”


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