Rough Stock (Cowboy Code Book 2)

cowboy romance, light bdsm, cowboy code Rough Stock

Book two in the Cowboy Code series.

Professional cowboy Brody Kyle was at the top of his game before an injury changed everything. Now if he wants the chance to win he needs the help of horse trainer Denise Shaw. But when he’s around this strong, sexy woman the gold buckle is the last thing on his mind.

Denise has spent her life proving she’s as good as any man. Nothing fazes her. So what is it about Brody that instantly turns her into a giggling girl and sets her blood on fire? She needs some time between the sheets to get him out of her system. Unfortunately the heat between them only makes her crave him more.

Brody has never become emotionally involved with a woman, but something about Denise gets past his defenses. There’s nothing sexier than seeing an in-control woman submit in the bedroom and be so kickass everywhere else.

Their casual fling soon becomes much more and they must find a way to balance control if they’re to have a shot at forever.


The chemistry between these two will burn your e-reader up! I absolutely love the way Brody lets her in to see the pains he has held in for years. I have made no secret that I love a good BDSM novel, but this one does it in a way that puts it high on my list of rereads. It is so much more than a book where she submits to him.  -True Gem recommended read from Guilty Pleasures.



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An Excerpt From: ROUGH STOCK

Copyright © LAUREN FRASER, 2012

How was she going to survive the next few weeks? They’d barely managed to make it through the first week and she was ready to give in. Her body was constantly aware of where Brody was at any given moment. When he gave her that look of his she practically had to hold her panties up they were so eager to jump off on their own.

She needed to get her damn hormones under control. Guys like Brody were not right for her. He was too strong. Too controlling. Too everything. She’d get lost and become someone she didn’t even recognize if she let herself. But lord, just looking at him she wanted to surrender everything and take him up on what he seemed to be offering. Frankly it pissed her off. She wasn’t that girl. She’d worked too hard to prove she was an equal to any man to throw it all away because of a sexy swagger and great butt.

Annoyed with herself, she gripped her shovel harder. Cleaning out the stalls was never fun but being in the hot and sweaty confined space with Brody was almost unbearable. The way his muscles bunched up beneath his shirt, the flex of his shoulders. She sighed. The whole combination drew her attention like a moth to a flame. Denise dug her shovel into the dirty hay. If she just kept her hands busy then she wouldn’t be so tempted to touch him.

“So I hear you’re going out tonight. What are your plans?” Brody asked.

“Going dancing with the girls.”

“Dancing, like at a bar with guys?” he growled.

“That’s usually the best way to do it.” She laughed. What the heck was his problem?

“Maybe you should stay home tonight.”

“Yeah right, and watch you guys play poker? That sounds like a lot of fun.”

“You could play.”

“Nope, I’m not allowed. It’s a guys-only game, no chicks,” she scoffed.

Brody smirked. “Yeah, but we could use a beer girl.”

She flicked her shovel and sent a load of soiled hay at his feet. “Dream on, buddy. I serve no man.”

Brody looked up and stared at her. “Is that right?”

“That’s right. I don’t buy into that ‘a woman’s place is in the kitchen’ bullshit.”

“You don’t cook?”

“Of course I do but not because it’s my job. I take my turn like everyone else.”


Denise snorted and Brody raised his head. “What?”

“You probably like those women who live to serve their man, right?”

Brody shrugged. “There’s definitely something to be said for a woman who wants to make her man happy.”

“Yeah, right. You mean a woman who thinks you’re God’s gift.”

“That too.” Brody flashed his trademark grin. The sexy crooked smile graced posters that were hanging in girls’ bedrooms all across America. There was a reason he was photographed so often and it wasn’t just because of his track record. Brody Kyle was the perfect front man for the Pro Rodeo. Sexy and muscular with that cocky grin and the look in his eyes that said he could put those roping skills to work in the bedroom as well. And make you thankful he was doing it.

Well not her. She’d never let a man have that kind of control over her.

“What’s the problem, Brody? You scared if you get a real woman with a mind of her own you won’t measure up?”

“Measuring up’s not going to be a problem, darlin’.”

Denise snorted. “Is that what your groupies tell you?”

“I don’t get any complaints, sugar.”

“Of course not, because you pick women who think it’s their job to just smile and look pretty and let the big, strong man take care of things for her.” Denise batted her eyelashes. “Oh Brody, you’re so strong, could you carry my bag for me? It’s too heavy for little ol’ me.” She stuck out her lip in a mock pout. She’d seen the type of women he dated. The kind of girl who baby-talked and thought it was cute. It set her teeth on edge.

“There’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it, Denise.”

“Yeah, ’cuz that’s what they’re doing. God, men are so pathetic,” she growled. “A woman pulls out that helpless routine and you all become idiots tripping over yourselves to be the big, strong man.” She dug her shovel in so hard she slammed it into the ground, sending pain up her arms. Pissed off she was letting her emotions get the best of her, she glared at Brody. “That’s not manly. You know what’s manly? Manly is being able to accept a woman as your equal and being confident enough to be okay with that. Just because a woman is strong doesn’t mean your masculinity’s in question.”

Angry, she shoveled faster. She needed to get this job done so she could get out of there. Being around Brody was hazardous to her health. The man was hot, but holy crap was he a pig.

“Keep it up, Denise.” The warning tone in Brody’s voice made her turn around.


“You keep pushing me and I’m going to give you exactly what you’re asking for.”

She snorted. “Oh yeah, and what am I asking for, smart guy?”

“This,” he muttered. He dropped his shovel and stalked toward her. The fire in his eyes told her she should retreat but she forced herself to stand her ground. She wouldn’t give him, or any man, the satisfaction of seeing her back down.

He pressed her against the wall of the barn and gripped her wrists with his hands. He pushed her arms up above her head and manacled her there in his strong grip. Before she got a chance to speak, he crushed his lips against hers.


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